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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Typing again

Good morning world. I had been a NASCAR blogger for a few months a few years ago, but stopped due to general laziness. I’m not going to sit here and use the writers block excuse, I usually have more to say than the keyboard can capture due to my poor typing skills. I typed a blog called theStewatFan, and enjoyed it. But that was then (the Home Depot #20), and this is now (Office Depot #14). I still love JGR, Home Depot, and the color scheme of orange and black. But the only constant is change, so change I will. I lost the URL of The Stewart Fan, so that also has changed. Now on to my post. The plate racing is as good as I’ve ever watched. I’m not saying I’m a fan of the two car draft, or pack racing, but I don’t sit down with 20 laps to go. Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what we watch for? But I think the best racing is to come. It seems to me that the current racing is due to the new surfaces as much as anything. As the surfaces wear in, we will transition back into pack racing. But the most exciting racing will be what comes in between as the drivers discover the changing conditions allow them to “pack up” a little more every race. Soon enough it’ll be four cars lined up, then six, and so on. It’s gonna be great! If you want to get rid of the plates, my answer would be to get rid of two cylinders. Hey, they’re stock cars, right? And the majority of the cars we’re driving are V6 engines. I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth now. Yes, I’m aware that “there’s no replacement for good ‘ol displacement”. But while we’re swallowing fuel injection, knock the plate tracks down two cylinders and let them open those injectors wide open. The advantages are obvious. Slow the cars down (I’m guessing not by much. I’ll bet we can get a 6 banger up to 180), and don’t restrict the air flow. It opens up “Have at it boys” up to the the whole race shop. And it should do the same for the drivers, allowing them to use the gas pedal to step out and pass on their own like on non-restricted races. This doesn’t help the smaller teams (or any of the teams for that matter) in the money department. These aren’t the best economic times to run a race team anyway, much less add another bullet to the budget. Having to acquire a whole new engine for these four races might mean they don’t race, and I’m not happy with that. Nothing would make me happier than your comments on this idea. Let me have it! I have pretty thick skin, and am open to the good and bad on this idea.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Pocono Predictions

I know it’s been awhile since I put something up here, but I’m just going to jump in today. The past is the past. In the words of my favorite all time radio personality Don Geronimo, “Ever Forward!” That would put us on our way to Pocono, PA. As always, I’d like to thank Racing-Reference.info for having the data for me to sort through. Tony knows this track. It’s brought him victories, and he’s shown his ass here. In the last ten races here, he’s got the best average finish (7.9) of anyone. That’s surprising considering this has been Denny Hamlin’s playground for awhile. Four wins in nine starts and leading almost eight times as many laps as Tony. In the last ten years, no one matches the four wins. Kurt Bush has two, a handful of others have one. Ryan Newman and Kevin Harvick have finished the last ten races on the lead lap. They’re the only ones that can say that. Ryan has one win here (2003). Harvick would really like a win to go with that points lead. Thinking that open wheel experience would help here, I looked at Juan Pablo’s numbers. They started off real rocky, but since putting the Target stickers on the car, he’s got all top tens. Jimmie Johnson has no wins here (ever), with a best finish of third. He has no DNF’s here. Jeff Gordon has many good finishes here (1 win) and only 2 DNF’s. In fact, the only driver in the chase that doesn’t have good numbers here is Greg Biffle. Even Mark Martin (13th), Earnhardt Jr. (14th), and Newman (15th) all have good numbers. The Biff’ might want to step it up here or he’ll take a points hit here. I usually finish my blogs with two things, my prediction and something derogatory about Robby Gordon. I’ll start with my prediction. If Tony unloads well, and that hasn’t been the case lately, he’ll be hard to beat. I’d pick Harvick as the dark horse. I don’t believe in the “He’s Due” theory, but it just might apply here. As for Robby, I’ve said repeatedly that he (as an owner) needs to put someone else in that car on the left-turn-only venues. He’s decided to put P.J. Jones in the car here, one of the only people with worse numbers than Robby himself. But I still think he’s doing the right thing. Way to go, Robby!

Thursday, September 24, 2009



Consider the bear officially poked. With a disappointing effort all around on the 14 team, expect a new resolve come the green flag at Dover. I'm imagining new checklists for everything in preparation for the Monster Mile. New strategies for success throughout the organization. Not just a few tweaks here and there, but a real cleaning up of the whole operation. We needed this, and this was the perfect time for it. Dover is going to separate the field more one way or the other. The concrete track and tire combo doesn't make Dover the crap shoot it used to be. It's drivable and the massive wrecks just aren't what they used to be. Tire management will be a factor, and for people who like a flat tracks, this ain't it. Having 2 of the 3 one mile tracks back to back in the Chase might not sound like a good idea, but the difference between the two venues is huge. I'm looking for a new and improved SHR to arrive at Dover. I hope I'm right.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Chase Analysis

Like you needed one more opinion on who might make it in… And you could go out and get this stuff yourself…. Still I went to a few pages (Jayski and Racing-Reference) and put some stats with the clinch scenarios for myself, and now you can read them.

Denny’s in. Even if he wasn’t his average finish of 9.6 would probably put him in. But he should be up front taking points from someone trying to get in. So will Tony (Average finish of 10th) and Gordon (7.7). Those three and Johnson (a lousy 18.7 av finish, but 3 wins here) will have reason to be up front thanks to the format awarding those 10 points on the other side. It’s the only way Tony doesn’t give up the points lead going into the chase. It’s checkers or the wrecker for these 4 guys. This Chase thing might not be so bad?

Now for the contenders. Without help, Carl needs to finish 24th or better. In 10 starts his average finish is 19th despite only 3 top 10s. But based on the average, he’s in. On his own, Kasey needs to finish 21st or better. He got his first win here and has an average finish of 18.5. I’m not a big proponent on momentum, but if it helps, he’s got some. Kurt needs a 20th or better. An Average finish of 18.7 puts him in. He’s also got one win at RIR. Juan Pablo hasn’t done too well here. He averages 27.8 and needs a 18th or better if no one helps him. I’ll predict he’s out. Ryan needs a 16th with an average finish of 11.7. Needless to say I’d love to see him in. Both SHR cars in the chase would be awesome. I’m saying he’s in.

Mark, everyone’s feel good favorite, needs a 12th with an average finish of 11.9. That’s a close one. I’m not a big believer in momentum, but I’ll bank on his experience and equipment. He’s in. the Biff needs an 11th, but his average finish is 15.8. Even though that’s a bit upside down, I’m going to predict he’s in based on who’s behind him. He might fall a few spots, though. Matt is the same way. He needs a 2nd place to be guaranteed a spot (Av Fn 16.7) but he’s safe based on the people behind him. He will probably need a DNF from Montoya to lock it up.

Out of the top 12 sits Brian Vickers. I think that’s where he’ll stay. His average finish is as bad as Montoya’s (27.8). But I said that Montoya’s out, so I’ve got to replace him with someone right? In 14th place sits NASCAR’s current bad boy in Kyle Bush. Love him or hate him, he’s got and average finish here of an amazing 6.7! With some bad luck for others (or lack of momentum, your choice) I say Kyle’s in.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The Throwback Guy

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Give 'till it feals good!

We are hosting an online fundraiser where a ticket purchaser can win any item listed below. Drawing will be on July 30th. Those same tickets purchased will also put them in the Grand Prize Drawing on October 05 for a 2010 Chevy Camaro. The winner and a guest will be flown down to Charlotte and treated to a personal tour of SHR, and lunch followed by the presentation of the Camaro and the keys directly from Tony.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Coke Add

I wanted to share the following sneak preview with you. The infamous Coca-Cola “brand managers” have returned to the race track, unleashing their latest attempt to sabotage Coke Zero and the NASCAR® drivers who promote the brand’s REAL Coke taste and zero calories. After humorously failing in previous commercials to solicit help from the drivers in keeping Coke Zero from taking the checkered flag and further encroaching on Coca-Cola’s turf, the brand managers have switched tactics by offering to “help out” this time. They go on to suggest that the drivers, including the likes of Tony Stewart, Jeff Burton, Greg Biffle and Denny Hamlin, “use the one part of the car that no one has bothered to use for sponsorship yet” – the windshield – to make a bold statement for the Coke Zero brand. The brand managers elicit a wide range of reactions as they pitch their idea to members of the Coca-Cola Racing Family and drape a giant Coke Zero sticker over the windshield of their cars, covering it almost entirely. The ads were loosely scripted, allowing for plenty of give-and-take between the drivers and the improv actors portraying the brand managers. Two 60-second versions of the Coke Zero “Cover Up” spot will debut during the TNT race broadcast of the Coke Zero 400 Powered by Coca-Cola on July 4th at 7:30 p.m. but you and your readers are invited to see it today along with behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the shoot. Visit http://tinyurl.com/cokezerocoverup.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


New Years Predicitons

I've never done this, and I picked a heck of a year to start. It has been an edge of your seat off season if you are a junkie for NASCAR news like me. I'd like to think I'm an up to date kinda guy when it comes to NASCAR. If a NASCAR question comes up at he office, I'm the guy they ask (not very regularly, and usually it's a joke like,"Which way do they turn again?"). Hope they don't ask too many for a few months as I get used to new drivers in new cars with new sponsors.

I guess the easiest prediction would be to say that the Jimmie Johnson Juggernaut will continue to roll. What's to say he can't go on winning as long as the combination of him and Chad keep at it? I used to give the majority of the credit to Chad for Jimmie's success, but I'm beginning to believe in the chemistry thing a bit more. The unspoken words between the two are worth a thousand spoken. The ability to be best friends/family and professional business partners is something very few can pull off. Sorta like a mullet. You know; business in the front, party in the back. Jimmy and Chad have that. Maybe even better than Tony and Zippy or Jeff and Ray had it.

Along that same line, I believe that Jr. will have another mediocre year. He'll win a few and make the chase, but I don't believe he'll progress in his quest to win a Cup championship. His relationship with Tony Jr. is just not what it needs to be. I can't describe it to you, but I hear it in there voices when they talk on the radio, and so can Mr. Hendrick. We'll see how many times he has to step in on their conversations this year before he decides this has got to change. It's not going to be easy, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Jr. Nation will be huge. But I believe after a few sleepless nights, he'll wake up one morning and smell the proverbial coffee. They'll be a nice niche for Tony Jr. somewhere else in HMS.

I about wrote the season off as a test session for Tony's new team until the announcement of Darien Grubb as his crew chief. I can only hope that their level of chemistry is somewhere in the rang of the three mentioned above. If they can get near that level of communication, I believe there's a chance for Tony to get into the chase. We know that Darien has seen these HMS cars before, and Tony has the raw talent. Lets hope that the last peice falls into place.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Please remember

I’d like to blog a little off the topic of NASCAR if you will allow me just this once. I’m an information junky. And it really doesn’t matter what information it is most of the time, just as long as it’s new (or just new to me). Needless to say NASCAR news is right up around the top of my list. Because of that fact, not a day goes by when I’m not on Jayski.com. His page has been what I consider the backbone of NASCAR news for years. Other pages have flowery stories about different topics, but if you want just the meat and potatoes, you go straight to Jayski. It’s the Google of our sport. Growing from a budding blog style page, to being picked up by a major news organization.


While crawling through the mass of information available on this site, I came upon a list of birthdays for the month of December. The list is restricted to NASCAR drivers, media, teams, and his family and friends. It does have one other stand out I’d like to remember here. Jesus Christ is listed as born on December 25th. I thank and applaud him for it. In this politically correct world, there’s a lot of pressure on people who publish to the masses to leave out such details in order not to offend some readers. Mr. Jayski is courageous enough to ignore this type of pressure.


“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord” Luke 2:11 KJV. Merry Christmas from Toni, Chelsey and I. Please help spread the Good News and celebrate Christmas for the real reason for the season. See more here.





Sunday, December 14, 2008


Dear Santa...

I was listening to Sirius NASCAR Radio (which I do all the time now) This morning, and they asked people to call in and act like a Secret Santa. What would you get your favorite driver for Christmas. So I called in and added my two cents. I thought I'd blog about it now.....

My gift to my favorite driver wouldn't actually go to my favorite driver per say. My gift would be whatever secret setup book Chad Knaus has that makes that Jimmy Johnson Chevy fly magically appear under the Christmas tree of Darien Grubb. I'm sure this little book of tricks is hidden away somewhere, even from Mr. Hendricks. He's got some plausible deniability on these secrets, and likes it that way. Tony and Rick are good friends, but Rick isn't in it to give away wins. Open books only open so far in some cases. I'd like to think they'll open all the way, especially given the fact that the testing ban could hurt Stewart-Haas Racing more than most. New team times new chassis divided by no testing just doesn't add up to me (I'm real bad at math).

Anyway, I'd like to add that I love Sirius NASCAR radio. I've had satellite radio since XM first came on the air. I've always liked it, but I love it now. I love Dave Moody's show. Before listening to his show, I could have gone a few weeks without satellite. Now if it broke, I'd go buy another that day so I could hear his show that afternoon. I call in as Dave from Dover every once in awhile. One day I might try to get a shamelss plug for my web page.

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