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Sunday, August 01, 2010


Pocono Predictions

I know it’s been awhile since I put something up here, but I’m just going to jump in today. The past is the past. In the words of my favorite all time radio personality Don Geronimo, “Ever Forward!” That would put us on our way to Pocono, PA. As always, I’d like to thank Racing-Reference.info for having the data for me to sort through. Tony knows this track. It’s brought him victories, and he’s shown his ass here. In the last ten races here, he’s got the best average finish (7.9) of anyone. That’s surprising considering this has been Denny Hamlin’s playground for awhile. Four wins in nine starts and leading almost eight times as many laps as Tony. In the last ten years, no one matches the four wins. Kurt Bush has two, a handful of others have one. Ryan Newman and Kevin Harvick have finished the last ten races on the lead lap. They’re the only ones that can say that. Ryan has one win here (2003). Harvick would really like a win to go with that points lead. Thinking that open wheel experience would help here, I looked at Juan Pablo’s numbers. They started off real rocky, but since putting the Target stickers on the car, he’s got all top tens. Jimmie Johnson has no wins here (ever), with a best finish of third. He has no DNF’s here. Jeff Gordon has many good finishes here (1 win) and only 2 DNF’s. In fact, the only driver in the chase that doesn’t have good numbers here is Greg Biffle. Even Mark Martin (13th), Earnhardt Jr. (14th), and Newman (15th) all have good numbers. The Biff’ might want to step it up here or he’ll take a points hit here. I usually finish my blogs with two things, my prediction and something derogatory about Robby Gordon. I’ll start with my prediction. If Tony unloads well, and that hasn’t been the case lately, he’ll be hard to beat. I’d pick Harvick as the dark horse. I don’t believe in the “He’s Due” theory, but it just might apply here. As for Robby, I’ve said repeatedly that he (as an owner) needs to put someone else in that car on the left-turn-only venues. He’s decided to put P.J. Jones in the car here, one of the only people with worse numbers than Robby himself. But I still think he’s doing the right thing. Way to go, Robby!


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